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The Fundación Comunidad Valenciana-Región Europea strengthens the participation of the Valencian Region in the European Union’s policies and actions. It also promotes a better knowledge of these actions and policies. The Fundación Comunidad Valenciana-Región Europea is a non-profit foundation with an indefinite duration under the protection of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Valencian Regional Government, according to the current legislation.

The objective of the Foundation is to promote the participation of all the sectors present in the Valencian Region in the European Union’s policies and to promote a better knowledge of these policies.

It will offer in particular assistance to the competences of the Consell de la Generalitat, the Valencia Autonomous Government Council, regarding its policies related to Agriculture, Water and Sustained Development, Research, Development and Innovation (R,D&I), Cooperation and Transnationality, enlargement of the European Union, Academic Programs, Education and Culture, Communication and Information, Economic Development and Business, Infrastructure and Transport as well as any other area that might become an objective for a European policy and that is of general interest for the Valencian Region.

The Foundation will try to reach its objectives by using –amongst others- the following ways:

1. A thorough follow-up of the initiatives of the European Union that have a direct effect in the institutional, economic, social and cultural field of the Valencian Region, as well as in any other field that is considered convenient. For this purpose the Foundation establishes a direct communication with the Community bodies that are responsible for these initiatives using the media, material and people it has at its disposal.

2. Promoting and offering information to the civil society, enterprises and institutions about all the initiatives developed by the European Union that have an effect in the Valencian Region. In order to obtain this goal, the Foundation makes use of instruments that allow the civil society to have direct access to these initiatives, i.e. by using all the systems and tools of the information society and especially Internet.

3. Providing training and information as well as raising the awareness of the whole Valencian society about the European integration process through dissemination actions such as congresses, information sessions and conferences and other events to this effect.

4. Offering advice and enquiry services on European matters, including aid, by means of the media and technical and information tools the Foundation has at its disposal.

5. Offering assistance to the different departments of the Generalitat (the Valencian Regional Government) that are responsible for the execution of the Integrated Operational Programme of the Valencian Region 2000-2006. The Foundation also offers assistance to the departments of the Valencian Regional Government responsible for the Community Actions that will appear within the framework of the regional policy and that are derived from the interregional cooperation, sustainable development, urban and rural development and social policies. In the same way it assists in searching participation and support for interregional cooperation programmes as well as promoting cooperation for future regional policies.

All natural or legal persons, public or private persons that have strong bonds with the Valencian Region are considered potential beneficiaries of the Fundación Comunidad Valenciana-Región Europea. The purpose of the Foundation will be of benefit to any group whose members’ identity is not individually predetermined.