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Activities of the Fundation

The activities of the FCVRE revolve around four strategic areas of action:

  •   Representation and defence of interests
  •   Strategic European projects
  •   Cooperation agreements
  •   EU Training and information
  •   European territorial cooperation

Representation and defence of interests

The Foundation's mission is to defend the interests of the Valencian Region in its broadest sense. The allocation of financial resources in the EU by 2020 will affect the general and sectorial interests of our Region, therefore our goal is to position and convey our opinions to the institutions by all possible means.

Coordination raises both in the monitoring of European policies relevant to the Valencian Region and in a strategy to influence the EU decision-making process to reflect the interests and priorities of our beneficiaries. In addition, we work to place the Valencian Region as a reference active and innovative region in Europe.

Strategic European projects

Following the strategic guidelines, we will focus on finding new strategic projects, assessing their subject, the number and scale of the involved entities and their importance for the development of the Region. Prospecting for new projects will be developed according to the partnership strategy with Valencian entities.

Cooperation agreements

Within the policy action, the Foundation will go on collaborating with Valencian entities through cooperation agreements or partnerships in a result-oriented approach and will thus establish medium-term cooperation lines. This will serve to address the current socio-economic situation and prospects of the financial period 2014-2020.

EU training and information

One of our main objectives is to systematize and consolidate the training platform in European issues of the Valencian Region professionals, strengthening the interaction between the Foundation and the local beneficiaries through information campaigns, training content and EU opportunities.

European territorial cooperation

European territorial cooperation is another key point within our activities. The Foundation identifies European regions of strategic interest for the Valencian Region.

For that purpose, we work closely with Valencian Regional Ministries and partners in the framework of the strategic cooperation approach with entities, organisations and companies of other European regions in line with Valencian Regional Government policies, new EU priorities and the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020.

These activities, within a working plan, are focused on establishing contacts and collaborating according to a working plan which entails to establish contacts and collaboration proposals at local and regional level in conjunction with the above mentioned Valencian entities.